Poetry, I do suppose,

Is feeling molded into prose.
A metaphor or simile
And there you have it: poetry.

March 14, 2011

Pink Lemonade

While I am well aware that it is only nearing the end of winter in the northern hemisphere, I recently finished a summer themed poem I had started a few months ago. I think it is an unusual poem, both in rhyme scheme and subject matter, but it's a soothing one too.


Cool, sweet, pink lemonade
And picnics in the leafy shade
Make any summer quite surreal.
So lace my drink with jubilee
And share with me a twilight meal.
Come and sit in cool shade
And sip on sweet, pink lemonade.

Many of my poems are currently in submission to several literary magazines and websites but when they are accepted, (or, far more likely, rejected), I will post them. And I shall be sure to spare the reader from my mediocre material, none of which I am aware of having submitted.
As my more refined work clears the editor's desks I will post some of it. Until then, I will continue to writing reviews, sharing my thoughts and the like.

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